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The 28th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition in 2017

2017-05-25 14:16:01 admin 15

Qinhuangdao Batch Technology CO.,LTD         The 28th China Glass Exhibition was held in the China International Exhibition Center-New Hall from April 11 to 14. The exhibition scale exceeded 80,500 square meters. 886 exhibitors from 31 countries participated in the exhibition, including 286 overseas exhibitors, Italy, Germany and the United States sent national pavilions to participate. A large number of overseas exhibitors came from the countries along the “Belt and Road” such as Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Nearly 30,000 glass professionals from 65 countries came to visit and negotiate, including 2,800 overseas professional visitors. The exhibition content of this glass exhibition covers various fields of glass production: new building energy-saving glass, ultra-thin functional glass, electronic glass, special glass, etc., as well as various large-scale glass deep processing equipment, glass online testing instruments, new abrasives and abrasive tools, etc. . Among them, the glass automation production line, glass production robot, art glass and other booths became the highlights of many visitors stopping to visit. The 24th International Glass Conference held at the same time of the exhibition was held in China for the second time after 21 years, attracting more than 800 representatives from 33 countries and regions. Glass science and technology workers from all over the world exchanged the latest at the conference Research results and understand glass development trends. Topics covered include glass research, technology development, education and publishing. During the exhibition, 14 technical lectures and manufacturers' new product launches were organized. During the two-day seminar, 4 foreign companies and 8 domestic companies made "new glass product testing instruments, new energy material glass, new breakthroughs in vacuum glass, new refractory glass furnace materials, new heat State oxygen combustion technology, new technology of art glass production, and the latest technology and complete equipment for bottle and glass manufacturing, "etc. Demonstrated the industry development requirements of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, interpreted the highlights of the combination of glass technology and humanities, and reflected the new trend of industrial robots in the field of glass production.

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